Looking for Character grade boards, take QB1b grade – character grade - 13/06/2019

Focusing on Oak lumber as a 100% natural product !oak-boule Q B1b -character

Wood is not plastic, by choosing QB1b "character grade",  you will feel the genuine character of the Oak, indeed pinknots and small knots are the final traces of the branches of the Oak tree.

Knots do not alter the solidity of the lumber, the final yield is higher. Unedged and square edged oak QB1b grade of 27 mm, 41 and 54 mm thick are available at short notice.

Please have a look on our website : http://en.eurochene.com/oak-wood/p/boules-boards/oak-boules-grade-q-b-1bbrselected-boards-grade-q-s/  and  http://en.eurochene.com/oak-wood/p/square-edged-boules/square-edged-oak-boules-grade-q-b-1b/